ASDER International Limited



ASDER International Limited offers you solutions to various categories of exotic home, office and commercial interior and exterior fittings need. Ranging from Home and Office Furniture, Interior Faucets, office shelves, Marbles & Tiles, Home and Office Security Solutions, Windows and doors, wardrobes, sofas, Kitchen Wares, Dishwashers, Sanitary Wares, etc. ASDER International Limited in partnership with the best industry makers and designers around the world brings your dreams of a world of sophistication and comfort just a click closer to you.


We always ensure that our team of highly trained technicians and craftsmen carry out an impeccable installation at the end of the day


Based on demand, we help our customers customize the products they buy from us in their brand identity or with any insignia they desire. At Asder International Limited, our business is to help you create moments that will shape lasting experience of comfort, brand dignity and luxury.

Before & After Sales

Before Sales

You can request us to send in our team of experts and consultants to access your needs and recommend the best product/service that will best suit your taste for luxury, quality and style.


After sales/service, our dedicated team of experts and technicians will always be calls away from you. You can rely on us for installation, maintenance and repairs as the needs arise. We have a fast, reliable and efficient after-sales service you can always trust.